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The company is one of the professional manufacturers of forging machinery and coal mine machinery in China. Forging machines include J58 electric screw press, J53 Double-Disc friction press, EPC numerical control electric screw press, J93/J67 Double-Disc friction brick press, FP/MP hot die forging press, D42 double-supporting roll forging machine, D51/53K sugar ring machine, precision die frame and die, various common spare parts, etc. Coal mining machinery has forged double-chain scraper; forged pressure plate; forged gear/gear socket; sprocket shaft reduction shaft; high strength E-bolt/U-bolt; forged dumbbell pin/clamp; riveted welding structural parts; chain ring; hydraulic support cylinder bottom/trunnion.

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Characteristics of Precision Casting Mould and Processing Notices

Characteristics of Precision Casting Mould and Processing Notices

2019-01-22 10:34
After that, parts with exactly the same shape and structure as the precision die can be formed. Precision casting die is an important part of casting technology